Selection of coffee progenties derived from Catuaí with Icatu and hibrido Timor


  • Marcelo Frota Pinto
  • Gladyston Rodrigues Carvalho
  • Cesar Elias Botelho
  • Juliana Costa de Rezende
  • Vinicius Teixeira Andrade
  • João Paulo Felicori Carvalho



Coffea arabica, productivity, sieve grains, fruit maturation


The objective of this research was to select progenies from the cross of cultivars Yellow and Red Catuaí with Icatu anddescendants of Timor Hybrid in order to select productive materials and with good agronomic characteristics. Experiments werecarried out in three locations of the state of Minas Gerais: Lavras, Campos Altos and Patrocínio. We evaluated eighteen progenies andtwo cultivars (witnesses) developed by Genetic Improvement Program of Coffee plant in Minas Gerais, Brazil, coordinated byEPAMIG. The experimental design was a randomized blocks, with three replicates and 10 plants per plot. We analyzed the characteristicsyield, bean/fruit weight ratio, grain retained in large screens, floater beans and cherry beans percentage. There is great variabilityamong the progenies and the coffee regions. The progenies H516-2-1-1-18 MS cv 02, H516-2-1-1-18 MS cv 03, H516-2-1-1-18 MScv 05, H419-3-4-5-2 MS cv 02 e H419-3-4-5-2 MS cv 03 stood out over others.



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PINTO, M. F.; CARVALHO, G. R.; BOTELHO, C. E.; REZENDE, J. C. DE; ANDRADE, V. T.; CARVALHO, J. P. F. Selection of coffee progenties derived from Catuaí with Icatu and hibrido Timor. Coffee Science - ISSN 1984-3909, v. 7, n. 3, p. 215-222, 3 Oct. 2012.